Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (2023)


Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (1)

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula

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The Uglies™ hive rises from their shallow graves to joinThe Boulet Brothers Dragula: TitansAll Star Cast.

EW has the exclusive reveal of all the drag queens, monsters, shapeshifters, and (stuffed) creatures that will be joiningThe Boulet Brothers Dragula: TitansAll-Star Season - which introduces a shocking twist to theSchatzformat and takes place in a new "Underworld" set specially constructed for itTitans.

Announced as a 10-episode spin-off of the Main Drag competition, the new series welcomes 10 previously "exterminated" former contestantsSchatzThe first four seasons (as well as the previousresurrectionAll-Star Edition) to compete for a $100,000 prize and a spot on the franchise's upcoming world tour.

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (2)

Meet the returning cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans All-Star Season.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

"We wanted the show to feel familiar to fans, but we also wanted the set and format to stand out from a regular season to do justice to the incredible talent of the artists we brought together," the Boulets said the squadron into a statement. "There are so many shocking twists and turns this year that the competitors affectionately renamed the show 'Gagula' during filming, and we can't wait for audiences to see it. This show is truly the most compelling content we've created to date."

(Video) The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans - Meet Our Monsters [HD] | A Shudder Original Series

Guest judges who will appear throughout the season includeElvira(Kassandra Peterson),What we do in the shadowsStar Harvey Guillen,The haunted housefilmmakersJustin Simon, Actors David Dastmalchian, Poppy, Joe Bob Briggs, Bonnie Aarons, Barbara Crampton andRuPaul's Drag RaceAlauneAlaskaAndKatja.

In addition toTitans, Season 5 starringSchatzThe competition also arises from the Boulet Brothers' multi-project deal with theShudderStreaming service that is startingThe Boulet Brothers Dragula: TitansTwo-episode premiere Tuesday, October 25. See EW's exclusive reveal of theTitansAll-star cast of recurring competitors below.

Abhora (Season 2)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (3)

Abhora in the cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Hometown:The angel
Pronoun:He/him, she/she
Drag Style:draw abominations
Official CV:Abhora is "your worst fears and your greatest joys," all wrapped up in a gory, beautiful mess. The most polarizing character onThe Boulet Brothers' DragulaSeason 2 they've returned to the competition with a stronger vision of their art, leaning towards their non-traditional drag for the better. A real mystery of the series,Abhora is certain: "There is no one like me; many have tried, all have failed."
Quote:"[Titansis] hell – all nine circles of it at once! In the best and craziest ways imaginable."

Astrud Aurelia (Season 4)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (4)

Astrud Aurelia in the cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Pronoun:You/they, you/they
Drag Style:draw creature
Official CV:Astrud returns to the competition with the goal of showcasing her dark fantasy style and Lovecraftian-inspired drag on the largest scale. Since season 4 ofThe Boulet Brothers' Dragula, she's shed her punk rock style and evolved into a reptilian drag creature ready to serve and showcase "everything but humans." With a grueling start and explosive ending to her original season, Astrud has weathered her early annihilation and pushed herself to become more than just a formidable monster.
Quote:"Forget everything you thought you knewThe Boulet Brothers' Dragulabecause we show that monsters are once again rewriting the drag rulebook!"

Erika Klash (Staffel 2)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (5)

Erika Klash in the cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Pronoun:You/they, you/they
Drag Style:draw monsters
Official CV:Erika is the demonic glitch zombie that comes over from cyberspace to terrorize viewers in all dimensions. Known as "the cockroach ofThe Boulet Brothers' Dragula“For surviving multiple annihilations in Season 2, Erika has learned to inject her horror nerdyness into every facet of her drag with precision. A newfound specialty in costumes and UV makeup proves Erika is ready to battle her way to the top pixel by pixel.
Quote:"In our original seasons, the boulets destroyed our physical bodies - this time they are torturing our souls!"

Evah Destruction (Season 3)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (6)

(Video) Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Cast Impressions

Evah Destruction in the cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Pronoun:You/they, you/they
Drag Style:Draw (hairy) monster
Official CV:She's hairy, creepy, and always brings a look. Evah leaves you guessing what she will release next. Evah is refreshed, encouraged, and wants to continue showing people that "all hair is beautiful," whether in fashion or everyday life. Evah, a lethal frontrunner in Season 3, has since immersed herself in her craft and embraced the drag artist, confident that "the script has been flipped" and that nothing will stand in her way from the title.
Quote:"[Titansis] total drag excellence and the twists? Oh, they're here, one after the other - nobody's ready for this season!"

HoSo Terra Toma (Staffel 4)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (7)

HoSo Terra Toma in the cast of 'The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans'.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Hometown:HBC, Seoul, South Korea
Pronoun:You/they, you/they
Drag Style:Dear Kaiju
Official CV:Fresh outThe Boulet Brothers' Dragulaworld tour, HoSo has quickly transformed from a self-proclaimed drag yokai into a fully grown kaiju monster. Their drag and performance skills have exploded, and they're feeling "much, much harder to beat this time around." As the top finalist in Season 4, Hoso's drag is ever-changing and they plan to unleash their insane and deranged visions on Titans and beyond.
Quote:"Oh, trust me, [Titansis] just one insane gag after another. Gagula honey!"

Kendra Onixxx (Season 2,resurrection)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (8)

Kendra Onixxx in the cast of 'The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans'.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Hometown:Riverside, California
Drag Style:Drag-Queen
Official CV:One of the sharpest performers to ever competeThe Boulet Brothers' Dragula, Kendra's high-energy stage shows and offbeat fads make her a titan who shouldn't be underestimated. Kendra's drag has evolved "tenfold" since her timeresurrection, and with her uncompromisingly black aesthetic now fully formed and refined, she's hungry to kill for the third time.
Quote:"Titansis something else entirely that fans aren't ready for yet. Buckle up!"

Koco Caine (Season 4)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (9)

Koco Caine in the cast of 'The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans'.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Drag Style:drag shapeshifter
Official CV:The undisputed fan favorite succubus fromThe Boulet Brothers' DragulaSeason 4, Koco is an ever-evolving artist who brings her ultimate level 100 glam gore seductress back to our screens. Since her season, Koco has morphed into "the deadliest fetish femme fatale in the west," and this time she came to devour the competition.
Quote:"[Titansis a] nail-breaking, slamming, wig-snapping fight to the death."

Melissa Befierce (Season 1)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (10)

Melissa Befierce in the cast of "The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans".

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

(Video) Dragula: Titans - Cast Visual

Hometown:South-Central-Los Angeles
Pronoun:She/she, he/him
Drag Style:Drag-Queen
Official CV:The original glamor ghoul has come all the way backThe Boulet Brothers' DragulaSeason 1, Melissa is a competitor who has proven that she should never be underestimated. She's polished and "always on the lookout for her 10s," but she's not afraid to show you her monster side on and off the main stage if needed. Since her season, Melissa has picked up prosthetics and creature makeup skills, mastered her high-energy performances and gags, and is ready to give her opinion to any competitor who needs scrutiny. Melissa wants to show that there's a monster in every performer, whether you're a killer beauty queen or not.
Quote:"Oh darling, it'll leave you all sticky and gagged with your jaw hanging off the floor. This is the best season yet - period!

Victoria Elizabeth Black (Staffel 2,resurrection)

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (11)

Victoria Elizabeth Black in the cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Drag Style:draw monsters
Official CV:Victoria is a shapeshifting ghoul who combines her expert special effects and set design skills with top-notch horror references to bring true nightmarish looks and stage performances to life. Victoria plans to continue pushing the resistance beyond what is normally possible, creating a world where monsters and queer art can thrive. Post Office-resurrection, she has mastered the “Art of Victoria” and is ready to face any challenge (or competitor) on her way to the crown.
Quote:"Titanswas an electrifying, unpredictable and absolutely disgusting experience, with obnoxious competition everywhere!"

Yovska (Staffel 3)

Yovska in the cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans. Credit: Scotty Kirby

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (12)

Yovska in the cast of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans.

| Credit: Scotty Kirby

Pronoun:You/they, you/they
Drag Style:(Material) towing
Official CV: The Boulet Brothers' DragulaSeason 3's very own viral monster, Yovska, is back to chase your digital dreams long after you've logged off. Self-described as "the Trisha Paytas of the underworld," Yovska has taken the time to hone her craft and push the crazy, campy, and terrifying drag further than any masked monster before it has been able to. Yovska perfectly blurs the deranged and deranged, and anything goes with this insane wildcard competitor.
Quote:"[Expect] more chaos and drama than your grandma's telenovela!"

TitansHosts: The Boulet Brothers

Dear titans

Boulet Brothers Revive All-Star Cast "Dragula" For "Titans" (13)

Credit: Scotty Kirby

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(Video) MEET OUR MONSTERS! (The Boulet Brothers Season 4 Official Cast Reveal)

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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula

The Boulet Brothers pit drag performers against each other in a competition that sees them jumping out of planes, eating bugs, and (really) piercing their skin to win the most terrifying title in the business.

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Why was dahli eliminated Dragula? ›

Season Information

Dahli was exterminated on the fourth episode, and finished 7th. On October 6th, 2020, it was announced that they would be a contestant on the first season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Resurrection, where they was exterminated after failing to win.

Are the Boulet Brothers dating? ›

They have stated in interviews that they are not brothers but romantic partners who have been a couple for over twenty years.

What are the Boulet Brothers drag names? ›

The Boulet Brothers, known individually as Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet, are nightlife producers and hosts who developed the Dragula TV series based loosely off their long-running club event of the same name. The club night ran monthly in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with special events in New York and Austin.

Who was on RuPaul and Dragula? ›

Contestants in the season included RuPaul's Drag Race alumni Jade Jolie, season three contestant Saint, who earned a spot in the competition after winning The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Resurrection special, and season two contestant Dahli, also a participant in the Resurrection special, the latter entered the ...

Is Willow YVIE's drag daughter? ›

Trivia. Willow Pill is the drag sister/daughter of Yvie Oddly, winner of the eleventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race. She revealed in episode 1 that she met Yvie making a short film with Yvie during college. They are the only two winners with known chronic illnesses of the Drag Race franchise.

What season of dragula was Jade Jolie on? ›

In September 2021, Jolie was announced as part of the cast of the fourth season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula, becoming the first Drag Race alum to compete on the show, and placed sixth.


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