20 facts you probably didn't know about 'Dumb & Dumber' (2023)

Imagine a prestigious Oscar-winning drama, a sort of period piece set in Victorian England about star-crossed lovers from different stages of life. Now, imagine the exact opposite of that. did you imaginedumb and dumber, No? Just because you're a low-tier movie doesn't mean you can't have a high box office result. Here are 20 facts about the classic 1994 sitcom. The facts are something the duo at the center ofdumb and dumberI don't know much about

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This is the first film of the Farrelly brothers.

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Peter and Bobby Farrelly made some of the biggest comedies of the 1990s and 2000s, but it took a while for them to get their careers off the ground.dumb and dumberIt was their debut film, although technically, it was only directed by Peter and co-written by the brothers and Bennett Yellin.

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The Farrellys didn't know whoJim Carreyera

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The year 1994 was absolutely massive for Carrey. It's the year that made him a star. That year he haddumb and dumber,The mask, yAce Ventura: Pet Detectiveout. However, when the Farrellys were beginning work on their film, they did not know who Carrey was. So they saw it inAce Venturaand realized that it was perfect for his movie.

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Some interesting names were considered for the film.

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Imagine Gary Oldman and Nicolas Cage as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. Now, you might be wondering why we throw out crazy ideas. But Oldman and Cage were the Farrellys' original choices for those roles. Obviously, that didn't happen. Other names being considered for the film include Steve Martin, Martin Short, Chris Elliott and Rob Lowe.

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Carrey turned his success into a big payday

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When Carrey began the process of signing fordumb and dumber, was not yet a star. So, as we said,Ace Venturahappened. Knowing where he stood, Carrey decided to deal with the strength of his rising star. Carrey landed a new contract worth $7 million, a sizeable payday at the time.

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Jeff Daniels was an unexpected choice

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Daniels seems perfect in the role of Harry, but not everyone was on board at the time. Cage was still in line to play Harry when Carrey signed on, but he was dropped after trying to get a $2 million raise. The Farrellys and Carrey loved Daniels, but New Line was concerned that he couldn't do comedy and that he was just a dramatic actor. Even Daniels' agent said he would kill his career. And yet Daniels signed.

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Daniels was also a bit cheaper.

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If you're wondering where that money for Carrey came from, look at the salary Daniels received. She was paid just $50,000 to play Harry. Now this was less of an attempt to insult Daniels and instead an attempt by the producers to get Daniels to turn down such a low offer. It didn't work.

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A famous hockey player has a role

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Cam Neely scored 694 points in 726 NHL games, most of them with the Boston Bruins. The tenacious forward had two 50-goal seasons and was even inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. As Northeastern natives, the Farrellys were Bruins fans and cast Neely as Sea Bass in his debut film.

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Lloyd and Mary became a real life love story

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Jim Carrey plays Lloyd Christmas, and Lauren Holly plays his unrequited love interest in Mary Swanson. The two initially met when Holly auditioned forAce Ventura. She didn't get the part, but they reconnected indumb and dumberand started a relationship. The two were married in 1996 but divorced in 1997.

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Carrey undid some dental work for the movie.

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Carrey's bowl cut when Lloyd definitely stands out, but Lloyd also has a chipped tooth. That's Carrey's real tooth. When he was a child, he broke it in a fight and covered it up. To play Lloyd, he took off his cap.

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The hotel in the movie is famous.

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Harry and Lloyd stay at the Danbury Hotel in Aspen, Colorado. In reality, those scenes were filmed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. That hotel is notable because it inspired the Overlook Hotel in the work of Stanley Kubrick.the glowand was used in the filming of theBrightmini series.

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The Farrellys also paid tribute to their hometown.

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Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country in terms of land area, but it gets a lot more love than you might expect in comedy, thanks to some of its native children. We're not talking about Seth MacFarlane today, but the Farrellys grew up in Rhode Island. As such, they decided to make Harry and Lloyd from Providence and even shoot on location in their home state's capital.

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Beck turned down a spot on the soundtrack

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dumb and dumberit had quite a successful soundtrack, including the single "New Age Girl" from "Deadeye Dıck", which peaked at number 27 on the charts. A song you won't find on the soundtrack? Beck's "Loser". He refused after being told the title of the film.

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'Dumb and Dumber' was a huge box office success

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The Farrellys were new filmmakers, but Carrey had already become a superstar fordumb and dumberit came out around Christmas 1994. After all, it was his third big comedy of the year.dumb and dumberit opened as the No. 1 film at the box office, grossing nearly $250 million worldwide on a budget of $17 million. That $7 million for Carrey was worth it.

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However, critics didn't love it.

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dumb and dumberIt's a comedy beloved by many, but let's be real. It is a rude and disgusting movie. Just think about Daniels in the bathroom. This type of film is not liked by everyone, including many critics. The film has a 68 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and some critics had the film on their year-end lists of the worst movies of 1994. Roger Ebert gave it two stars but praised Carrey as a "true original".

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The movie has a prequel (and a sequel)

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About a decade laterdumb and dumber, a prequel calledTwo Dumber and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd, came out in 2003. However, the film did not feature the participation of Carrey, Daniels or the Farrellys. It was a complete failure. Finally, the crew ofdumb and dumberthey all came together for 2014Two dumbs so dumbs. It didn't have the cultural impact of the original, but it was a commercial success.

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Oh, and there was a cartoon you may have forgotten

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dumb and dumbr is a pretty raunchy comedy, so naturally they turned it into a Saturday morning kids' cartoon. It's true! In 1995, Hanna-Barbera produced adumb and dumbercartoon for ABC that Yellin wrote. Daniels and Carrey did not voice Harry and Lloyd. The duo dated a purple beaver named Kitty. It only lasted one season.

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Carrey knew how to be annoying.

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It's probably not surprising that Carrey improvised quite a bit in the film. Perhaps the best example is when Lloyd unleashes the "world's most annoying sound". Kudos to Daniels for reacting in the moment and improvising with him. Turns out he can do comedy.

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The Farrellys paid tribute to their love of classic comedy

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Peter and Bobby would go on to run aThree Stoogesmovie, and that's no surprise. Harry and Lloyd are named after silent film comedian Harold Lloyd, and there's a bit in the restaurant that's a homage to the Three Stooges.

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The movie allows you to put together a joke yourself.

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"Lloyd Christmas" is a fun name for a character, period. However, he also pursues Mary Swanson, and if they got married and she took her name, her name would be Mary Christmas. This is not merely a coincidence. In a deleted scene, Harry puts two and two together, but they ultimately decide not to reveal the joke.

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Jim Carrey stood his ground in the end

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at the end ofdumb and dumber, Harry and Lloyd unconsciously turn down the chance to ride a bus with a group of bikini-clad girls. Initially, the plan was to film two versions of the ending, one where they get on the bus and one where they don't. However, Carrey scorned the idea of ​​them getting on the bus and refused to film that ending. In the end, we got the ending that Carrey wanted and the best ending for the movie.

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Who turned down Dumb and Dumber? ›

Steve Martin was the first choice to play the role of Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. According to sources, Steve Martin turned down the role of Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber as he was already busy with other movies.

What was the original title of Dumb and Dumber? ›

Because no studio wanted to make a movie called Dumb and Dumber, the Farrellys changed the name of the script to Go West and then A Power Tool is Not a Toy, just to get studio execs to read it.

Does Lloyd get with Mary? ›

Lloyd and Mary became a real-life love story

She did not get the role, but they reconnected on Dumb and Dumber and began a relationship. The two married in 1996 but divorced in 1997.

What airport was Dumb and Dumber filmed in? ›

Some of the external street scenes were filmed in Salt Lake City, and the airport scene was filmed at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Is Dumber a proper word? ›

Here, the adjective form is dumb and the comparative form is dumber. By adding –er to the adjective, you show the difference between two things—that one action or person is dumber than another.

What was in the briefcase in Dumb and Dumber? ›

Mary's Briefcase is the briefcase full of money until Lloyd and Harry put IOUs in it.

When Lloyd meets Harry? ›

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd is a 2003 American buddy comedy film directed by Troy Miller from a screenplay by Miller and Robert Brener. It is the second installment in the Dumb and Dumber franchise and a prequel to the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber.

Who betrayed Lloyd? ›

During Season 8, he was unknowingly reunited with his uncle when he came back as a baby. Lloyd was unaware of this until Harumi betrayed him and revealed this fact to him, and he couldn't believe his uncle was the infant the whole time.

Does Lloyd love Nya? ›

Lloyd and Nya are good friends, though they don't interact much in the series. Nya and Lloyd do show that they care about each other. In Season 4, when Chen's army was about to invade Ninjago, Lloyd volunteered to go alone and Nya expressed worry for him to take on such a large task by himself.

Does Lloyd ever turn evil? ›

In the fifth season, titled Possession, events in the story show Lloyd being possessed by the spirit of an Elemental Master named Morro, with his body taking an evil form for the majority of the season.

What hotel room was in Dumb and Dumber? ›

The lavish 'Danbury Hotel', in which Harry and Lloyd stay (and treat themselves to a Lamborghini too), after dipping into the case of money, is the Stanley Hotel, 333 West Wonder View Avenue, Estes Park in Colorado.

Where is the diner from Dumb and Dumber? ›

Dante's Inferno restaurant was located at 845 West 24th Street in Ogden, Utah. The convenience store is at 3087 Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah.

What hotel is in Dumb and Dumber? ›

The hotel where Lloyd and Harry stay, called 'Danbury Hotel', is actually the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, already a famous location in the history of cinema. This same hotel was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's The Shining after he stayed there for some nights.

Who was offered Dumb and Dumber? ›

At one point, the Farrelly Brothers considered Corey Feldman for the role of Lloyd and Corey Haim for the role of Harry. But New Line Cinema CEO Robert Shaye wouldn't allow it as he felt the Coreys were no longer bankable actors. Steve Martin and Martin Short both turned down the role of Lloyd.

Who else was cast in Dumb and Dumber? ›

Cast (88)
  • Jim Carrey. Lloyd. Jeff Daniels. Harry.
  • Lauren Holly. Mary. Mike Starr. Joe Mentalino.
  • Karen Duffy. J.P. Shay. Charles Rocket. ...
  • Victoria Rowell. FBI Agent Beth Jordan. Joe Baker. ...
  • Hank Brandt. Karl Swanson. Teri Garr. ...
  • Brady Bluhm. Billy. Cam Neely. ...
  • Felton Perry. Detective Dale. Brad Lockerman. ...
  • Rob Moran. Bartender. Kathryn Frick.

Who auditioned for Ace Ventura? ›

Filmmakers first approached Rick Moranis to play Ace Ventura, but Moranis declined the role. They then considered casting Judd Nelson or Alan Rickman, and they also considered changing Ace Ventura to be female and casting Whoopi Goldberg as the pet detective.

Are there two versions of Dumb and Dumber? ›

The first DVD version was cut and then cut again for telly. The film became a mess. It was originally released as a 15 certificate. This UNCUT version of Dumb & Dumber is just the original VHS put back to its full glory on DVD.


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